How hard is it to write a popular article or a “popular” scientific paper

This is the post excerpt.

I have been pondering about why I seem to hate writing scientific papers. By deduction, writing article for general public should be equally unpleasant. Looking deeper into my unconscious inclination, maybe it’s less to do with what I’m writing, but more to do with what I expect my readers’ reaction that kept me from enjoying the process of writing. So I decided to write a blog where nobody know who is writing it, but someone googling the correct keyword will benefit from my random thoughts as well as concentrated effort in writing a better article or paper.


For the first time, while writing the above paragraph did I realize how non-trivial it is to articulate subtle points of my thoughts. And that’s why I look up to Scott Aaronson a great deal in his humorous, clear and charismatic writing style. He not only conveys the outer loop of his logical argument very well but also focus on magnifying the inner loop of learning process by himself. The latter easily resonates with readers who as intellectual beings might have her/his adventure into similar topics before but didn’t gain the same magnitude of clarity, depth or hilariousness. As a result, both the familiarity and the surprise harmonically combine to attract and keep readers’ attention for a lot longer.


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